You are reading this, so you very well know chatbots are playing a major role in today’s businesses in the field of customer relationships. …

Google processes at least 40,000 search queries every second, 3.5 billion searches a day!

There exists 1.74 billion websites at the start of 2020. At least 380 new websites are created every minute!

Fun fact 3: An average U.S Broadband internet user visits at least 138 web pages per day.

Have you seen the number of results and time taken in any Google search?

This is to simply show the searchers that they have that number of pages indexed for that keywords and they can quickly fetch results for you.

While Google gives you 100 million+ results for your search…

Text analysis is a much needed technique in this information filled internet. It is used in many aspects in many fields by many companies for many purposes.

Simply put, you developed a product, and now you need feedback on this product for effective build up. You may get feedback either…

As IT professionals, working in a startup or a well established MNC, team collaboration is a must to be able to make things done in right way.

More than meeting a person directly and becoming a good friend, a quick chat in social sites are proving to be even more…

Communication with your new team and work made easy with this team chat app

I’ve heard about many business communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft teams, Hangouts that really help teams collaborate and work seamlessly.

For those who don’t know what a business communication tool is, it is a chat…

Deepak Mohan Singh

Tech enthusiast, developing developer!

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